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Ski Resort Stats - Southwest - New Mexico
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Stats for New Mexico Ski Resorts
Shown below are all ski resorts in New Mexico. You can broaden your search by Southwest US Ski Resorts. The table below is sorted by the total number of ski lifts for each ski resort. Many resorts will only open a certain number of lifts depending on the need. The total lifts is a good summary of each ski resorts capacity.
Resort Location Drop Lifts Trails Acreage Elevation
Taos Ski Valley Taos, NM 2612 12 110 1294 11819
Ski Apache Ruidoso, NM 1900 11 55 750 11500
Red River Red River, NM 1600 7 57 290 10350
Ski Santa Fe Santa Fe, NM 1703 7 67 660 12053
Angel Fire Angel Fire, NM 2077 7 70 450 10677
Sipapu Vadito, NM 1055 4 32 200 9255
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