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Thread 84 Topic - 84 / Speed Skating medal winners - Monday 13 February Page Views:0
Read User Profile smurphy
This is post:84 submitted by smurphy on Feb/13/06:5:27pmSpeed Skating medal winners - Monday 13 February...
Men's 5,000m
GOLD Chad Hedrick (USA)
SILVER Sven Kramer (Netherlands)
BRONZE Enrico Fabris (Italy)

Women's 3,000m
GOLD Ireen Wuest (Netherlands)
SILVER Renate Groenewold (Netherlands)
BRONZE Cindy Klassen (Canada)

Men's 500m
GOLD Joey Cheek (USA)
SILVER Dmitri Dorofeyev (Russia)
BRONZE Lee Kang-seok (South Korea)

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