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Thread 282 Topic - 282 / Where is the mileage calculator? Page Views:7
Read User Profile ksbefort
From:Norfolk, VA
This is post:282 submitted by ksbefort on Nov/14/07:9:41pmWhere is the mileage calculator?... I see the notes that are almost 2 years old asking the same question. Has it never been added? That would be a nice feature and was the only reason that I registered.
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Read User Profile jtrue
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From:Beech Mountain, NC
This is post:284 submitted by jtrue on Dec/3/07:1:25pmRE:Where is the mileage calculator?... Every region and state page lists the mileage next to the elevation (the last column). Make sure you are logged in and have set your home town preferences.
yours in snow, jtrue
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Read User Profile suprwmn06
From:Raleigh, NC
This is post:286 submitted by suprwmn06 on Dec/26/07:6:12pmRE:RE:Where is the mileage calculator?... Logged In yet:

Resort Location Drop Lifts Trails Acreage Elevation

Is all that shows up?

Are there more detail on what needs to be set up to view this feature?

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Read User Profile Cheeseburger
This is post:288 submitted by Cheeseburger on Jan/3/08:9:03amRE:Where is the mileage calculator?... The mileage from your home to each resort listed is given in the last column of the statistics. When you originally log in, one of the questions asks for your Zip Code. This is used to calculate the mileage.
You must be logged in. If you are, you will see your user name at the top right of all pages.
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Read User Profile dylaneschete
From:Oakdale, CA
This is post:289 submitted by dylaneschete on Jan/3/08:1:55pmRE:RE:Where is the mileage calculator?... I'm having the same issue... No mileage calculation. I'm logged in (my name is in the upper right hand corner of the screen) and I've loaded my "preferences" with my zip code and city/state. Yet, still no mileage calculation shows up on the statistics page. It stops at Elevation.
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Read User Profile gempesaw
From:Atlanta, GA
This is post:291 submitted by gempesaw on Mar/10/08:9:06pmRE:RE:RE:Where is the mileage calculator?... I just signed up and it wasn't there, so I logged out, logged back in, did a cache refresh (ctrl + f5) and it had the mileage calculator. it's not a myth!
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