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From:Elk Mountain, NC
This is post:277 submitted by smurphy on Mar/25/06:6:18amUtah Trip Winner!... It's official. Eleven lucky community members won prizes for reviews they submitted to between Feb. 14th - Mar. 13th. If you didn't win, don't despair, we'll be back again next season with more trips and even more free lift tickets.

First Prize
gwiffie - Trip to Utah (Includes Lodging, Lifts, Air Vouchers)

Second Prizes
Almost 40 - Winter Park, CO Tix
rirving - Park City, UT Tix
michaelspga - Boreal, CA Tix
nate - Tamarack, ID Tix
belindajk - Boreal, CA Tix
TwinkleToez2006 - Copper Mountain, CO Tix
morgan - Sun Valley, ID Tix
minutehawk - Mt. Bachelor, OR Tix
elizabethwallace - Winter Park, CO Tix
dbabhc - Boreal, CA Tix

Thanks for your input and remember to come back and visit. We'll do it all again next year.

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