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Read User Profile smurphy
From:Elk Mountain, NC
This is post:247 submitted by smurphy on Feb/25/06:5:22pmBiathlon medal winners...
Women's 12.5km mass start
GOLD Anna Carin Olofsson (Sweden)
SILVER Kati Wilhelm (Germany)
BRONZE Uschi Disi (Germany)

Men's 15km mass start
GOLD Michael Greis (Germany)
SILVER Tomasz Sikora (Poland)
BRONZE Ole Einar Bjorndalen (Norway)

Women's 4x6km relay
GOLD Russia
SILVER Germany

Men's 4x7.5km relay
GOLD Germany

Men's 20km individual
GOLD Michael Greis (Germany)
SILVER Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway)
BRONZE Halvard Hanevold (Norway)

Women's 15km individual
GOLD Svetlana Ishmouratova (Russia)
SILVER Martina Glagow (Germany)
BRONZE Albina Akhatova (Russia)

Men's 10km sprint
GOLD Sven Fischer (Germany)
SILVER Halvard Hanevold (Norway)
BRONZE Frode Andresen (Norway)

Women's 7.5km sprint
GOLD Florence Baverel-Robert (France)
SILVER Anna Carin Olofsson (Sweden)
BRONZE Lilia Efremova (Ukraine)

Women's 10km pursuit
GOLD Kati Wilhem (Germany)
SILVER Martina Glagow (Germany)
BRONZE Albina Akhatova (Russia)

Men's 12.5km pursuit
GOLD Vincent Defrasne (France)
SILVER Ole Einar Bjorndalen (Norway)
BRONZE Sven Fischer (Germany)

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